Recap #1 - Prometheus 2016

Watch a video montage of the first camp, including orientation, mentor pods + journaling, robotics workshop, VR experience center, lectures, workshops. Prometheus offers a diverse experience for its students, and gives them a chance to see the wider world. 

Recap #2 - Coverage from Shenzhen TV

Prometheus 2016 was honored to be interviewed by Shenzhen ZhongChuang TV station. During a site visit to SZ, the TV station sent reporters to cover the program, and interviewed Max. Coverage in Chinese. Click picture to open video. 

Memories from 2016

Our Educational Philosophy

Mentor Driven

We learn best from mentors that understand us. With our world class mentors from top US schools, and student-mentor ratio of 1:3, we build lifelong relationships between students.   

Experience Based

We believe in "Show, Don't Tell". Instead of lectures, we will illustrate every with an opportunity to do hands-on creation, from ball-room dancing to making robots.

Renaissance Learning

We believe that curiosity underlies all education. Instead of dividing between STEM and humanities, we focus on the entire knowledge spectrum, and create rich interdisciplinary experiences for our students. 

Personal Discovery

Education does not end with just the summer camp. Through our programs, we create educational mindsets and habits that stay with the students, so that the learning continues for many more years.

1: Speak Persuasively

Public speaking is the cornerstone of an effective leader. Join our acclaimed teachers, who have taught more than 500+ students, to learn the nuances of speech, rhetoric, body language, poise and confidence. At the end of the program, each student will receive a professionally produced recording of a TEDx-like speech they will deliver. 

2. Get Your Hands Dirty With Robotics

Software is eating the world, and hardware is following. You don't have to be a coder, but you need to understand its implications. Learn by doing with robotics, and buy some spare parts from a nearby electronic market. Leave with your own little robot army, and the confidence to do more! 

3. Start Your Own Company

Entrepreneurship favors the prepared mind. Learn the best practices of a testing hypotheses, rapid prototyping, design thinking, customer discovery, raising VC, pitching and recruiting, so that you can become an invaluable asset to any startup ... or start your own. 

4. Step outside of your comfort zone 

If you don't understand people, you will never win friends and influence people. Through improv, role-playing exercises, and authentic relation training, learn how to read another's body language and modulate your own, resolve difficult conversations, set boundaries, discuss sensitive issues, and advocate effectively for yourself and others. 

5. Get The Most Out Of College... and Beyond

If you don't build your own dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs. Prepare for an unconventional life, learn about geographic arbitrage to live like a king, strategic thinking to set far-away goals, how to get the most out college, develop the habit of life-long learning, and set a direction for your life. 

6. Develop an International Perspective

A new perspective is worth 70 IQ points. With mentors from South East Asia, Africa, India, Europe and United States - you will be able to flesh out your knowledge of the world, and learn about different cultures, histories and backgrounds. The new world is becoming flat, connected, multi-polar.  Enrich your perspective. 

Our Mentors come from world class institutions and accomplished backgrounds. 

Chief Nyamweya, Kenya

Bio: Storyteller, illustrator and entrepreneur. Founded first animation design studio in Kenya. Published a comic book that was used by First Lady of Kenya across country’s high schools. 
Education: Bachelor's degree in Law, graduate of Singularity University's class of 2016. He also holds an intermediate German language diploma from the Goethe Institute, Berlin.
Impact: His work has been featured by the BBC, National Geographic and Le Monde. Chief is the recipient of a full scholarship from Singularity University, and is now building a cultural and creative exchange center at Nairobi.

Max Song, China-US

Bio: Data Scientist, Entrepreneur. Passionate about US-China relationships. Has worked at NASA Ames center doing genetic engineering, created Brown Venture labs in 2012,  worked 2 years as Data Scientist in Silicon Valley. Founded Prometheus Education to bring 21st Century education to China.
Education: Bachelor's degree in Applied Math-Biology from Brown University. Youngest teaching fellow at Singularity University's 2012 class. Tsinghua Schwarzman Scholar 2016. 
Impact: Co-Wrote and published book on Data Science. Prometheus has received press in Shenzhen TV and 74 Million.

Audrey Jarre, France

Bio: Education entrepreneur, explorer of innovative education, writer. Audrey has designed educational programs, researched various innovation topics while pursuing her passion in diplomacy.
Education: Bachelor’s degree in English Lit & Civ. at Sorbonne Nouvelle, Master in management at HEC Paris Master, Master in Innovation & Design at Polytechnique (2017)
Impact: Co-founded Edtech World Tour, travelled to eight countries, and worked as a Education Lead at Liberté Living-Lab. Current research focus is the renewal of learning experiences through collaborative spaces

May Tay, Singapore

Bio: Environmental activist, leader, researcher. May has worked as a research fellow at Envirolab Asia and interned at the Story of Stuff Project, a leading environmental NGO in California. Passion in advocating for socially and environmentally enhancing corporate policies.
Education: Environmental Studies ,Yale-NUS College, visiting student at Yale University, Summer school in Classical Chinese at National University of Taiwan.
Impact: promoted an ongoing sustainable fashion awareness campaign in Singapore, solo backpacked through Southeast Asia

Marcello Mari, Italy, UK

Bio: Journalist, TEDx speaker, communications specialist and entrepreneur. Contributes to influential tech media outlets, heavily involved with the startup scene in London as well as in Italy. Currently immersing himself in Southeast Asia’s start-up scene.

Education: Mass Media&Communication, Indiana University. International Relations - Alma Mater Bologna.

Impact: Writing featured on TechCrunch, The Guardian, and the Wired. Candidate to “Young Italian Talent Award” by Italian Chamber of  Commerce UK

Yuxin Huang, China-US

Bio: Filmmaker. Came to the US for high school on her own at 16. Later studied film production at Bard college. Has worked as videographer, camera assistant, and editor in New York City. Videographer at non-profit organization Peer health exchange. 
Education: Bachelors in Film and the Electronic arts from Bard College.  Summer course in film production at NYU Tisch School of the arts.
Impact:  Made many promotional videos for startups. Shot and edited videos for designers and brands during New York Fashion Week. Played piano accompaniment for musicals such as Into the Woods and The Wild Party.

Zixing Gu, China-Singapore

Bio: Cross-cultural student of Philosophy, Politics & Economics. Moved frequently between Singapore, Shanghai and Xiamen, winner of the OCBC Local Undergraduate Scholarship and the SHSID Longmen Award.
Education: Yale-NUS College, 2020, bachelors in Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE). Shanghai High School International Division (SHSID) International Baccalaureate Diploma.
Impact: Outstanding debater and experienced theater stage manager. Led school delegation of size 16 to Ivy League Model United Nations Conference China,and interacted with delegates from more than 20 different countries and cultures.

Sudarshana Chanda, India

Bio: Teacher, Historian, Scholar. Full scholarship at University of Delhi. Taught 8 classes at Ashoka University (Liberal Arts University). Research, writing and editing intern with Times Response, The Times of India.
Education: Bachelor‘s degree in History from Dehli University. Graduate Liberal Arts Degree, Ashoka University. Peking University Yenching Academy, 2016.
Impact: Top rated TA across all courses. Accomplished Jazz musician and singer.

Program Advisors

David Ben Kay
Former Microsoft China’s General Counsel

- Formerly Microsoft China’s General Counsel
- Assisted over 250 companies in setting up businesses in China 
- Set-up a business incubator where he’s worked with and invested in over 20 early-stage companies. 
- Recently joined the Board of Directors of Ethereum, a crypto-currency platform
- In Beijing for the past 25 years. 

Danielle Strachman
VC, Former Thiel Fellowship Program Director

- Founder, General Partner at 1517, A VC Fund, targeted at world-changing millennials
- Founding Member of Thiel Fellowship, designed and launched the 20 Under 20 program. Created a thriving 1000+ member Thiel Fellowship Community
- Founder of Innovations Academy, a non-profit charter school with over 160 students in its first year

Nicolas Rousseaux
Author, Thought Leader

- Founder & President of Mediation-Consulting – supports senior executives in strategic and managerial decision-making 
- Writes a monthly chronicle for Harvard Business Review in France
- Member of the American Chamber of Commerce of Paris, and multiple Sino-French international relations councils
-worked and travelled in around 60 countries

Hans Stam
Maker, Hardware Hacker

- Maker-expert from the Netherlands. He has been making software for 15 years
- started creating websites at 11
- moved to Ireland at 16, worked at Microsoft, building large scale enterprise resource planning systems 
- Loves to help people realize their dreams through building awesome hardware projects
- Admin of largest ShenZhen makerspace association

Kat Borlongan
Founder, Five by Five

- Founded Five by Five, one of Europe’s pioneering open innovation consultancies.
- Led the 500-strong tech volunteer team of the President of the Philippines in the aftermath of super-typhoon Haiyan
- Co-directs the Open Data Institute Paris - - Serves France as an advisor to the Ministry of Health, the government open data taskforce open and the Conseil Economique Sociale et Environnementale (CESE), its third chamber

Rebecca Lee
Brand Strategist, Founder of Nebula Sight

- Founded a Paris-based brand strategy and management company. Worked with several internationally renown  brands and private families in Europe and China
- A strategic advisor and planner in confidential missions
- She initiated Nebula Sight to help promising companies with great vision become future prestigious brands.

Xavier Duportet
Synthetic Biologist

- French Innovator of the Year by the MIT Technology Review (TR35)
- Laureate of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge
- Founded Eligo Bioscience, a biotechnology company that develops the next generation of antimicrobials based on CRISPR/Cas system for precision microbiome-engineering.
-  Founded Hello Tomorrow, global nonprofit now operating in 30 countries, with 12 full time employees in Paris and 100 volunteers across 45 cities. Our community gathers more than 12,000 innovators: students, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and corporates.

Rand Hindi
Data Scientist

- Founder and CEO of Snips, who builds an Artificial Intelligence to make technology disappear.
- TR35 by the MIT Technology Review, "30 under 30" by Forbes, 
- Started coding at the age of 10, founded his first startup at 14 and created a web development agency at 15 before starting his PhD at the age of 21.
- BSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Bioinformatics from University College London (UCL), as well as two graduate degrees from Singularity University in Silicon Valley and THNK in Amsterdam.

Laurent Le Pen
Founder of Omate

- Founder & CEO of Omate – a wearable tech startup established in 2013, and raised 1M on Indiegogo.
-  500startups alum, Mentor at Acceleratech and StartupSalad, contributor at StartupGrind
- 11 years of experience in Mobile Design, 9 years of living and working in ShenZhen
- He is the owner of the largest Wearable / IoT professional group on LinkedIn with over 25,000 members.

The Numbers: 
- Session Time: 14 Days 
- Dates: 7/10 - 7/23

$5,000 Tuition Covers: 
- Robotics and Electronic Kits
- Amazing Curriculum From World Class Mentors
- Lodging and Food for Entire Session
- Prometheus Swag
- Priceless Memories 

Fill out the application to learn more.

Applications will be processed on a rolling basis,
with acceptances will close when the quota has been met. 

Student quota: ~ 30 students

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Discover Shenzhen, China

From a small fishing village just 30 years ago, Shenzhen has become China's newest metropolis. Home to the world's high tech manufacturing and startup eco-system, Shenzhen is a glimpse into the future of tomorrow. With a tropical climate, an hour drive from HK, it's like the combination of Silicon Valley + Miami, next door to a New York nightlife. 

With special partnerships, we will have frequent guest lectures from China's hottest startups, visits to local accelerators, and a chance to discover the modern face of China. 

Learn inside a startup-hub. 

Prometheus Education 2017 Summer Camp will be in SheKou, Shenzhen, the first major real estate project of Shenzhen, and close to a beautiful waterfront. The program will be hosted in collaboration inside TGN Shenzhen, a leading startup co-working space with office locations across China. Housing will be provided close by, and the location will allow students to explore a comfortable neighborhood while being close to Shenzhen's thriving city center. 

The experience of a lifetime, begins with a single step

We are looking for hungry, curious, motivated kids around the world. 
Scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis based on merit and need.
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